Working Towards a Happy Marriage

By Abbe Lang
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Feb 14th, 2014

familyMarriage is a work in progress. While this lifelong partnership cannot always be wine and roses, couples can still strive for a happy and fulfilling relationship in spite of the hurdles that they may come across along the way. Here are some things that can help a marriage go the distance:

  • Set realistic expectations for the relationship and for each other. Disappointment is inevitable in every relationship but that shouldn’t deter couples from at least trying to meet each other halfway when the need arises.

  • Affirm each other constantly. Positive words are powerful tools that can strengthen a relationship since they help in validating the other person’s worth in the marriage.

  • Embrace change. Being together for years doesn’t justify monotony. Treat marriage as an adventure and as an opportunity to try something new all the time.

  • Never put the other person down. A nurturing relationship is always anchored on mutual respect.

  • Make the little things count. More often than not, it’s the seemingly insignificant things like remembering to buy milk or taking out the trash that matter most. It serves as a reminder that no task is ever too small when you’re doing it for your better half.

  • Make goals together. Always remember that this journey is made for two. In order to grow together, a couple has to create a vision for their life as one.

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