Three Terrible Reasons to Break Up

By Abbe Lang
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Mar 8th, 2014

RelationshipIt’s natural for relationships to end. Sometimes, people simply grow apart so much so that they have to abandon the love boat they once shared. However, there are times when people break up for all the wrong reasons. Not all flames have to be extinguished especially for grounds like:

  • You Don’t Like the Same Things. Just because he likes sports and she likes shopping doesn’t mean that a couple isn’t meant to be. Sharing the same interests can be fun and exciting but people tend to forget that before they met their partner, they were two individuals who enjoy doing different things. The point here is simple; couples don’t need to do everything together. It’s okay to have hobbies that are polar-opposites. Not only does it allow each person to keep nurturing their individuality but it also provides the space that a relationship needs.
  • You’re Not Always Happy. News flash: relationships don’t exist just to make people happy. They are not super pills that you can take to make your life fulfilling; it’s just a part of what makes your life worth living. You can’t just abandon hobbies, friends, or your family because you think your relationship is enough. Also, maintaining a relationship isn’t all wine and roses. There are bound to be difficult times that can make you second-guess your choices but that is never a valid reason to pack your bags and go.
  • Your Partner is not Who You Imagined Him or Her to Be. More often than not, people fall in love with the idea of their partners they create in their heads. This can spell trouble for some especially when real life doesn’t coincide with one’s expectations. Reality check: there are several layers to a person’s character. Just because they fail to fit the image you’ve created for them doesn’t mean you need to ditch them. Appreciate your partner for who they are and who they are not.

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