What Men Want but Won’t Tell You

By Abbe Lang
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Jan 20th, 2014

Happy CoupleMen aren’t exactly the best communicators out there. While it’s easy to figure out what they want when they are straightforward about it, they sometimes hold back about some things. Here are certain things that guys want but won’t tell women:

Men like their ladies to have a sense of adventure. Channeling a little naughtiness and edginess brings more excitement in a relationship and that makes men go weak in the knees.

They want you to have more nights out with the girls. Spending time with your girl friends allow you to blow off some steam and to relax a little bit. This means you come home fully recharged and that makes men happy.

They are horrible mind readers. Most women think that it’s a guy’s duty to be able to read in between the lines but the truth is, they aren’t good with this. Men are better with a direct approach. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Guys want girls to accept their inner nerd. Men will always be attached to their superheroes and they would greatly appreciate it if the woman they love understands that they are never too old for Marvel or their X-Box.

They want their manliness to be noticed. There’s nothing wrong with fawning over your man when he does something as simple as changing the light bulb or fixing the faucet leaks from time to time.

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