Why do Men Play it Cool

By Abbe Lang
In Article
Jan 17th, 2014

Make-Her-HappyMen aren’t exactly known for being overly attached when it comes to relationships. Sure, there are sensitive sweethearts out there but much to the chagrin of many ladies, guys often play it cool even if they do like you. Here are some popular reasons why they do it:

*They do it to appeal to women. Some men are hardwired to think that nice guys finish last and that women are often attracted to bad boys.

*Men don’t want the woman they are pursuing to think they are over eager. No man alive would ever want to appear desperate.

*It’s a way to show that they are in control of themselves. The right woman can affect a guy in unimaginable ways.

*For some men, being “too out there” means showing weakness. They don’t want women to use this against them.

*People expect guys to play it cool. Men aren’t popular for being emotional because they’ve been brought up thinking that emotions are for girls. But the truth is, men are as emotional as women, they just don’t show it every often.

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