The Marriage Learning Curve

By Abbe Lang
In Article
Jan 29th, 2014

CoupleMarriage, as a lifelong partnership, has a steep learning curve. Couples need to know right off the bat that marital bliss isn’t served on a silver platter. It’s like tending to a garden—it requires constant attention and effort from both parties so it doesn’t wither away in the face of bad times.

Married couples learn after getting married is that there is so much they still don’t know about their spouse. There are layers that they haven’t explored yet before exchanging vows but that’s okay. It is this level of intimacy that makes marriage even more exciting. Couples are able to see just how complex their partner is and everyday is a new discovery.

Couples also discover that neither of them is perfect. This means making compromises from time to time and cutting the other person some slack for certain slip ups.

Along the journey, couples are bound to discover the importance of positive communication. Marriage is not all wine and roses. There will be bad times and there will be arguments. However, if a couple discusses their problems openly without attacking each other’s personality or character and without triggering negative defense mechanisms, issues can be solved and the relationship can grow stronger.

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