Flirting Doesn’t Always Lead to Dating

By Abbe Lang
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Mar 26th, 2014

DatingFlirting is fun and it makes people feel giddy and attractive. However, it is this pleasant feeling that makes some people think it could mean something more than it really is.

Ladies, remember that relentless flirting doesn’t always lead to something romantic and long-term. If he really wants to be in a serious and loving relationship, chances are he will man up and ask you out.

Flirting is, more often than not, anchored on physical attraction but just because he finds you strikingly gorgeous doesn’t mean he wants to date you. Sometimes he just wants to sleep with you or he just wants to feel the thrill of the chase.

So if you’re thinking you should ask him out because he’s showing interest, take a step back and remember that you don’t have to woo him. Men know what they need to do in order to win you over.

During the instances when a woman asks a man out for a first date and if he is interested, he will take over the pursuit and ask her for a second date. It’s as simple as that. Men appreciate a little nudging to get things started but in the end, they still rather do the asking.

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