What Not to Do on a First Date

By Abbe Lang
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Mar 28th, 2014

Women and RelationshipDating can be very exciting since it’s an awesome chance to get to know a person a little bit better. First dates, however, can be very nerve-wracking. It’s the only chance a person gets to make a lasting first impression which generally puts a lot of pressure on some. There are a lot of things that could possibly go wrong on a first dates but below are some of the worst to avoid.

Dressing Inappropriately. This means no provocative clothing for ladies and no offensive shirts for gentlemen. The rule is if you won’t wear it to work, then don’t wear it on a first date.

Sex Chat. First dates are supposed to be fun, casual, and engaging. Bringing the topic of sex on the table before you even had dessert is a big no-no.

Getting Too Drunk. Enjoying a few cocktails with your date is fine but it’s easy to have one too many drinks so be cautious with your beverages. You wouldn’t want to have a puke fest or to spill embarrassing stories because you got too wasted.

Appearing Overzealous. Easy flirting is fine but coming over too strong is another thing all together. Consider the first date as neutral territory which means talk of marriage, babies, and settling down should be avoided.

Appearing Aloof. There’s a fine line between playing it cool and being apathetic towards the other person. Don’t look at your watch too often and show a healthy level of interest in what he or she is saying.

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