Debunking Marriage Myths

By Abbe Lang
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Feb 21st, 2014

Happy CoupleYou can’t always believe what people say about marriage. It’s one of those things that are riddled with erroneous beliefs mostly because it is highly idealized. The problem is that because of these ideas, people tend to get a distorted view of marriage.

Below are some of the most common marriage myths:

  • Married Couples have to Share the Same Interests. People tend to believe that married couples have to do everything together. They seem to forget that every pair started out as individuals with different hobbies and preferences. In fact, when husbands and wives spend time apart for their activities, they return to each other’s arms refreshed and ready to take on t he challenges that marriage has in store for them.
  • Fighting Means You’re Headed for Divorce. No relationship is ever immune to fights and confrontations. Clashing doesn’t always mean that a marriage is doomed. What really ruins a marriage is never resolving any problem through fighting about everything or not fighting at all.
  • People Change after Marriage. Marriage is not a magic pill that can cure all of a person’s ill habits. You can’t always change a person and sometimes the best thing to do is to accept him or her for who he or she really is. However, detrimental habits like gambling, drug use, and excessive drinking is a whole other story.
  • You Stop Growing as a Person after Getting Married. People don’t reach a developmental plateau after tying the knot. People continue growing every day. In fact, marriage can even help in a person’s growth as an individual.

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