Are You in a Dead End Relationship?

By Abbe Lang
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Mar 6th, 2014

Make-Her-HappyEvery relationship has its fair share of hurdles and overcoming them just makes it stronger in the long run. However, there are times when things just fall apart and crumble into pieces. Dead-end relationships are messy things that aren’t worth the pain. Here’s how to know if you’re in one:

  • You have petty fights all the time. Arguments are normal in any relationship but when a couple starts fighting over things that don’t even matter, that’s a sure sign of trouble. More often than not, there isn’t really something to fight about, the persons involved in the relationship only argue for the sake of quarrelling.
  • You can never let go of past mistakes. Couples in dead-end relationships often play the blame game and hold each other’s past shortcoming against one another.
  • You have different goals in life. While respecting each other’s individuality is important, a relationship can only prosper if a couple share the same goals and dreams in life. Nobody wants to be with a person who, in ten years, will say “this is not what I want”.
  • You don’t communicate often. Simple texts or phone calls throughout the day in spite of being busy help strengthen a relationship. In dead-end relationships, couples tend to avoid constant communication.
  • Convenience is the only reason why you’re staying together. Both parties are afraid of a messy breakup and instead choose to walk on a field of landmines.

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