Crazy Things People Do when in Love

By Abbe Lang
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Mar 19th, 2014

CoupleLove is patient, kind, and sometimes it means losing your mind. The things people do for love aren’t always cute and adorable; sometimes they’re just plain crazy and borderline stupid. Here are some of the insane things people do when the love bug bites them:

Becoming a Stalker. Falling in love means getting to know a person from inside out but there are people who take this to the extreme and stalk their partners (or crushes). This includes hounding their Facebook profile, driving by their houses, or learning their schedules by heart to meet them at the halls.

Giving Expensive Gifts. Sure, there are those who want nice things for the person they adore and actually have the means to pay for luxury items. But spending money that you do not have just to please somebody is both unnecessary and idiotic.

Moving In Together too Quickly. Some people who are presumably madly in love rush into living together and find out the worst about each other too soon which kills the relationship prematurely. Sharing one house out of whim often just leads to disappointment on both sides.

Getting Physical Immediately. Some people are so in love that they think rushing into physical intimacy is the best idea ever. While this works for some, sometimes when the tides don’t go in favor of the relationship, doings can only make it a terrible memory a person wishes to forget.

Saying “I Do” Right Away. Maybe it’s the movies, maybe it’s the love drug but some people who get married right away with a person they practically just met and just end up being miserable. Marriage is a lifetime commitment; not a spur of the moment decision.

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