Breaking Free from Jealousy

By Abbe Lang
In Article
Feb 12th, 2014

RelationshipJealousy is a common hurdle for couples. It is a natural reaction towards perceived threats to a valuable relationship which means there is a multitude of ways in which people can deal with it.

The primary thing the couples need to remember is that jealousy can either be positively or negatively rooted. Some people may get jealous because they feel a heightened sense of rivalry against a person that their significant other is interacting with. On the other hand, some people get jealous because they are projecting their personal anxieties on to their loved one.

Positively-rooted jealousy can be reassuring since it not only shows the commitment that a person has to a relationship but it can also foster honest and open communication when a couple decides to face this issue head on before it can ever make any real damage.

Meanwhile, negatively-rooted jealousy can create cracks in a relationship since it can cause false accusations, frustration, and an amplified sense of inadequacy and inferiority.

The key to breaking free from the clutches of jealousy is striking a balance between honesty and trust in the relationship. Talking openly helps since it not only allows both parties to recognize the problem but to also come up with possible solutions and compromises that can strengthen the relationship.

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