A Hopeful Date With the Architect

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Sep 23rd, 2013

RelationshipDating can be a very solitary experience, despite the fact that you’re meeting up with another person. Travelling to the date you are alone in your thoughts, every possible scenario whirring around in your head, and nine times out of ten, you end up going home by yourself – okay, maybe eight.

So it’s good to have someone else aboard at least part of the way. The best place for a wingman is the selection process itself. A second opinion can be invaluable. And so I find myself flicking through a list of potential suitors with a friend, presenting her with all the men who have recently added me as a ‘favourite’ on the dating site. So far, her responses are less than encouraging. She is less forgiving than even me.
“Oh no, he’s spelled you’re as your; I’m out, sorry.”

After a few minutes, however, she settles on a contender. After carefully reading his profile for what seems like hours, she spins the laptop round to face me and gives an encouraging flourish with her hands. “Look at this one.” I look. To say everything is in the right place would be an understatement. He looks sexy, suave, smart, sophisticated and lots of other s-words. He is the perfect picture of alliteration and hotness.

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